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Timely communication saves lives. That's why offline data synchronization is vital to our commitment to ‘care better’.

Despite significant advancements in modern technology, we continue to face challenges in extending its reach to critical healthcare situations, particularly when addressing malnutrition among children in disconnected environments.

This is why ShareMy.Health spearheads a vital mission to combat child malnutrition in developing countries. Their new mobile application for remote healthcare workers underscores a groundbreaking approach to healthcare: using Ditto to ensure that every child, regardless of their geographical location, has a fighting chance against malnutrition.

“We’re thrilled that Ditto enables us to reach all children, everywhere, regardless of challenging internet conditions. Timely communication saves lives. That’s why offline data synchronization is vital to our commitment to ‘care better.’ Since Ditto utilizes all radio signals to synchronize data, it is delightfully difficult to break connectivity. We’ve worked in communities where it might take as long as three months to provide life-saving feedback to parents due to technical and logistical challenges. ShareMy.Health has changed all that – now we can get back to parents and health workers in just seconds thanks to the brilliant engineering within Ditto.”

Galen Murdock



ShareMy.Health uses Ditto to support child nutrition in developing nations.

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