Sync apps even without the internet.

Ditto is a peer to peer cross-platform database that allows mobile, web, IoT and server apps to sync with or without an internet connection.

Supported Platform and Languages
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How does it work?

Simply install the SDK into your application, and Ditto's unique "peer to peer" design can directly sync and communicate with other devices, no server required!

  • Works offline
  • Syncs even without internet
  • Cross platform

What can Ditto Sync?

Instead of working with complex networking APIs, use Ditto's simple database functions

Sync structured data

Use our document oriented database to sync structured data. Types can include numbers, strings, booleans, arrays, maps, counters and binary data.

Automatic Conflict Resolution

Ditto handles conflict resolution automatically when edits occur on multiple devices.

Sync Files

Sync large binary files, with start, stop, and progress observations. Control how and when devices need to sync files with simple API commands.

Fully Encrypted Communication

Both client server and peer to peer communication is fully encrypted ensuring enterprise-level security.

How do they make connections?

Connect with other Ditto instances over multiple networking transports. Connections are made automatically or can be configured.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Distances of over 100 meters from point to point

Peer-to-Peer WiFi

High speed, for gigabytes of data without connectivity.

Local Area Network

Communicate over the same access point or local area network (wireless or wired).

Serial Port

Sync large and fast payloads over a wired USB connection.


Connect directly to the cloud Big Peer over the internet.

Custom Connections

Have a transport that you'd like to integrate? Contact us!

Learn more about our network transports
Bluet oo t h L o w Ene r gy P2P Wi-Fi USB ConnectionCloud Local Ar ea Net w ork (wi r ed) Local Ar ea Net w ork (wi r eless)

Available on all your devices

Ditto is available on all modern platforms for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and Web Browsers.

Examples above in Swift, see documentation for more languages.

Simple, modern APIs

  • Insert
  • Update
  • Remove
  • Find
  • Observe

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