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Starting to think about your strategy at the edge? The Edge Sync Platform is the simplest way to implement resilient sync across the edge and cloud.

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    Introductory call

    Hop on a call with the Ditto team to learn more about Ditto's Edge Sync Platform and how it can increase speed, efficiency, and resiliency for your crucial applications.

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    Onsite technical demo

    We want to meet with your tech team! Ditto will come to you to physically demo our platform, as well as walk your tech team through the ease of developing applications with Ditto.

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    Proof of concept

    Our customer experience team is there for you every step of the way as your team begins developing on our platform. We’ll empower your developers to deliver a successful POC for your business.

Ditto moves key data quickly with no round trips to central services

Ditto moves key operational data between restaurant team members quickly, seamlessly and with no round trips to central services. The more control and information we can put in the hands of operators and their teams, the better they can care for customers.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Senior Director of Customer Technology Solutions