Seamless crew collaboration, even without internet

Without the need for Wi-Fi, cellular data, or network hardware, Ditto enables your applications to sync in real-time, keeping your flights on time and your business moving.

Collaborate, chat, or handle preflight checks

Collaborate, chat, or handle preflight checks

Sync to team without internet

Sync across teams without internet

Even sync passenger meal orders

Even sync passenger meal orders

Crew device
Crew device
Passenger device

Keep your teams connected with resilient peer-to-peer sync

  • Unlock mobile collaboration for flight attendants and crew

Support for web, mobile, IoT,
and server side apps

Cross-platform means that we strive to make the developer experience feel natural for each programming language. Our APIs embrace reactive principles with excellent support for React, SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, and more.

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Offline support

Even when devices are completely offline, devices can always read and write data.

Reactive design patterns

No more polling code for changes, register queries and get updates in real-time.

Expressive query system

Find what you need with advanced filters, sorting, transactions.

Bring your own authentication

Whether it's JWT, OAuth 2.0 or SAML. Bring your own identity providers.

Binary file sync

Build incredible applications that allow for synchronization of any type of files.

Cloud and peer-to-peer sync

Real-time peer-to-peer sync across edge devices, and up to the cloud when internet is available.

Cross-platform support

Built with the most languages for modern platforms: web, mobile, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi.

Automatic conflict resolution

Simultaneous and offline changes are automatically resolved.

Ditto's Intelligent Edge ensures our data is always up to date

This app enables us to support crews with a comfortable device like an iPad efficiently, and we can rest assured that Ditto’s Intelligent Edge ensures our data is always up to date, even when network connectivity is poor or unavailable.

Michael Hack

Michael Hack

Solution Architect


Our Ditto partnership is providing real-time visibility for inflight devices

Our approach to developing frontline tools prioritizes close partnership with our flight attendants during each development step. Ditto has been a great partner in ensuring our tools are seamless for our flight attendants. With their help, we have supported our workgroup by providing visibility of one another’s inflight mobile device… in real-time

Vikram Baskaran

Vikram Baskaran

VP of IT

Alaska Airlines