Reliably move orders between store devices, even without Wi-Fi, servers, or the cloud

Ensure you can always view, edit, and move data between devices. After embedding Ditto’s SDK into a point of sale, store devices such as tablets, kiosks, and kitchen displays automatically discover, connect, and sync with each other via local peer-to-peer.

Create orders on mobile devices

Create orders on mobile devices

Sync to POS without internet

Sync to POS without internet

Receive orders at kitchen display

Receive orders at kitchen display

Mobile device
Point of sale device
Kitchen display

Resilient peer-to-peer sync for your point of sale

With multihop, restaurant devices always find a path to sync orders

Multihop sync is the process of passing data from one restaurant device to another by way of intermediate “hops”. This ensures that orders always make it to the kitchen display system, even if there is a network interruption.  

The Cloud is Slowing you Down

Enable your developers and the applications they build to unlock the full power of edge devices.

Cloud reliance makes point of sale systems brittle and inflexibleReliable data sync at the edge is tough, even with an on-site serverDitto is built to handle the tough parts of edge sync, so your teams don't have to
  • Cloud reliance can lead to chaos for your restaurant

Support for web, mobile, IoT,
and server side apps

Cross-platform means that we strive to make the developer experience feel natural for each programming language. Our APIs embrace reactive principles with excellent support for React, SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, and more.

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Offline support

Even when devices are completely offline, devices can always read and write data.

Reactive design patterns

No more polling code for changes, register queries and get updates in real-time.

Expressive query system

Find what you need with advanced filters, sorting, transactions.

Bring your own authentication

Whether it's JWT, OAuth 2.0 or SAML. Bring your own identity providers.

Binary file sync

Build incredible applications that allow for synchronization of any type of files.

Cloud and peer-to-peer sync

Real-time peer-to-peer sync across edge devices, and up to the cloud when internet is available.

Cross-platform support

Built with the most languages for modern platforms: web, mobile, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi.

Automatic conflict resolution

Simultaneous and offline changes are automatically resolved.

Ditto moves key data quickly with no round trips to central services

Ditto moves key operational data between restaurant team members quickly, seamlessly and with no round trips to central services. The more control and information we can put in the hands of operators and their teams, the better they can care for customers.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Senior Director of Customer Technology Solutions


Ditto's unique technology empowers our point of sale to stand out

Ditto’s unique technology empowers our point of sale to stand out in an incredibly competitive market. Their support during the integration process was very professional and resourceful, supporting our team in finding the best design patterns for our use cases.

Flip van den Bosch

Flip van den Bosch



Ditto isn't just meeting goals; it's creating new benchmarks

The Ditto ecosystem represents a technological leap as significant as the advent of the first public clouds for SaaS products. It's introduced an enterprise solution that has surpassed all our expectations, allowing us to harness cloud technology while retaining the reliable performance of on-prem systems. Ditto isn't just meeting goals; it's creating new benchmarks by fusing steadfast reliability with the potential for expansive growth. Truly impressive.

John Komarkowski

John Komarkowski