Changing the world
one peer at a time

We've always been inspired by the power of innovative apps that bring people together. Developers who dreamed up big ideas have created entirely new industries and enriched the lives of friends, families, customers, and coworkers. Today, the best apps are the ones that help us collaborate on projects, share memories, and communicate effortlessly. However, app developers have faced significant challenges in creating these seamless, interconnected experiences. Whether wrestling with unpredictable internet connections or building complex, expensive backend systems, app developers have grappled with many complications that stand in the way of delivering magical capabilities to their users.

the Ditto team

The problem

Apps today typically operate under the misguided assumption that data exists solely in a single database. However, at Ditto, we recognize the truth: data is far more complex and ubiquitous than that. The proliferation of mobile and edge devices, combined with global cloud infrastructure, means that applications must now store and process data everywhere. Unfortunately, as more teams and processes move to the edge, traditional databases struggle to provide seamless and low-latency app experiences, especially in areas with limited connectivity.

Our solution

As app developers, our founders recognized that creating exceptional apps should focus on crafting great user interfaces rather than dealing with complex data infrastructure. This realization drove the creation of Ditto - a distributed database that enables data to be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Simply define a query and Ditto replicates data across devices via a peer-to-peer mesh, without the need for a centralized server or even an internet connection.

Our team

Our entirely distributed team spans five continents, and we've been remote since day one in 2018. We've brought together a diverse group of talented individuals who embody our core values of Trust, Communication, and Continual Improvement. Our founders believe in fostering strong peer-to-peer connections, both among our employees and with our customers. And our technology is no exception.