February 14th, 2024

ShareMy.Health uses Ditto to Support Child Nutrition Programs in Developing Nations

Thanks to Ditto’s offline data sync in internet dead zones, parents and healthcare workers are kept in the loop about children’s malnutrition risks

Ryan Ratner

Ryan Ratner

Product Marketing Manager

woman and child smiling while looking at a nutrition data on a smartphone

Despite significant advancements in modern technology, we continue to face challenges in extending its reach to critical healthcare situations, particularly when addressing malnutrition among children in disconnected environments. This is why ShareMy.Health, in partnership with Ditto, spearheads a vital mission to combat child malnutrition in developing countries. This collaboration underscores a groundbreaking approach to healthcare: using Ditto's Edge Sync Platform to ensure that every child, regardless of their geographical location, has a fighting chance against malnutrition.

We’re thrilled that Ditto enables us to reach all children, everywhere, regardless of challenging internet conditions. Timely communication saves lives. That’s why offline data synchronization is vital to our commitment to ‘care better.’ Since Ditto utilizes all radio signals to synchronize data, it is delightfully difficult to break connectivity.

Galen Murdock, CEO ShareMy.Health

The Critical Challenge of connectivity

In the bustling streets of San Francisco, a dropped internet connection might be a minor inconvenience affecting the promptness of that email you just sent. Yet, in remote areas of developing nations, where child nutrition programs are critical, a lack of internet connectivity can have dire consequences. With over 3 million children at risk of dying from malnutrition annually, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Ditto's Solution: A Lifeline in Internet Dead Zones

In these disconnected environments, Ditto’s Edge Sync Platform can be utilized to offer real-time device to device synchronization capabilities without the need for internet or network hardware. This innovative technology is at the heart of ShareMy.Health's mission to deliver health workflow solutions to non-profits battling child malnutrition across Africa, Asia, and beyond.

Through Ditto, ShareMy.Health enables healthcare workers and parents to use smartphones for nutrition screening to stay informed about children's nutritional status, even in the most remote areas. When a child is deemed at risk, this technology facilitates alerts to all nearby devices immediately, ensuring that health professionals can provide the necessary support without delay.

Empowering Communities with Technology

ShareMy.Health's digital health platform is a testament to the power of collaboration and technology in addressing global health challenges. The platform empowers non-profits, families, and governments to unite against malnutrition, using smartphones for nutrition screening, intervention, and monitoring. This approach enhances the efficiency of health interventions and ensures compliance with privacy laws, overcoming the limitations of traditional paper-based methods.

Ditto's software developer kit (SDK) has been instrumental in developing a mobile app for field-based child malnutrition screening. This app allows seamless offline communication with nearby devices, enabling data sharing without latency or security concerns. The moment a child's screening data is captured, it can be immediately shared and acted upon.

The Impact of Offline Data Synchronization

This implementation has profoundly impacted communities in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria and is expanding to other regions. The ability to provide immediate feedback to parents and health workers has transformed the landscape of child nutrition programs, reducing the time taken to convey life-saving information from months to mere seconds.

We’ve worked in communities where it might take as long as three months to provide life-saving feedback to parents due to technical and logistical challenges. ShareMy.Health has changed all that – now we can get back to parents and health workers in just seconds thanks to the brilliant engineering within Ditto.

Galen Murdock, CEO ShareMy.Health

Galen Murdock, CEO of ShareMy.Health and Max Alexander, co-founder of Ditto, both emphasize the life-saving potential of offline data synchronization. Their commitment to "care better" is evident in how Ditto's technology has been deployed to ensure that children everywhere can be reached, regardless of internet connectivity challenges.

What's next?

The partnership between ShareMy.Health and Ditto is more than just a technological achievement; it's a beacon of hope for millions of children at risk of malnutrition. By harnessing the power of offline data sync technology, they are addressing a critical global health issue and showcasing the potential of innovation to create a healthier, more equitable world. This initiative is a vivid reminder of how technology, when thoughtfully applied, can transform lives and communities across the globe.

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