Whitepapers/Technical Guide to Point of Sale at the Edge

Technical Guide to Point of Sale at the Edge

Building and Implementing a Peer-to-Peer and CRDT Sync System for Your Restaurant or Retail Store.
Release dateJanuary 18th, 2024
Reading time38 minutes

Your current Point of Sale (POS) system, likely a relic from over two decades ago, is hindering your business's efficiency. Tangled wires and a hidden server in the back-office spell disaster waiting to happen. Even if you've upgraded to a cloud-based system, you're now at the mercy of internet connectivity, and when it's down, so is your business.

In this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • Why offline-first and peer-to-peer are crucial to your POS system
  • How avoiding servers in your restaurant can actually lead to more efficient syncing
  • How to build a flexible and scalable data model

This whitepaper is a series of design practices and patterns we've collected through customer workshops we provide at Ditto. We have worked in collaboration with some of the leading point-of-sale companies around the world as they craft their strategy to surmount these challenges.