February 10th, 2022

Ditto and Super App Hugo Partner for Real-time Ticket Scanning in Latin American Stadiums with No Internet Connectivity

Ditto lets devices sync in real-time, even without internet, enabling businesses and venues in remote or hard-to-connect environments to continue normal operations uninterrupted

Ditto lets devices sync in real-time, even without internet, enabling businesses and venues in remote or hard-to-connect environments to continue normal operations uninterrupted

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, and SAN SALVADOR, SV / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2022 / Ditto, creators of critical software infrastructure that enables apps to synchronize data in real time even without internet connectivity, today announced its partnership with HugoApp, the leading Central American-based super app that offers e-commerce, delivery, transportation, and financial services. The partnership ensures that Hugo can efficiently conduct normal operations in Latin American stadiums and event venues that may have a weak or absent internet signal-operations including real-time ticket scanning and authentication, data syncing and preservation, and mobile order fulfillment.

The partnership follows successful implementations of Ditto's technology for multiple events in packed Latin American stadiums with limited internet access, including some 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification games in Central and South America as well as large-scale New Year's celebrations.

"Our partnership with Hugo is exciting because it means two innovative companies - Hugo as an innovator in the Latin American multi-category marketplace, and Ditto, as an innovator in mobile and cloud software infrastructure - are coming together to significantly improve the way services are delivered to customers in regions where internet access is traditionally difficult or nonexistent," said Adam Fish, co-founder and CEO of Ditto. "For Ditto, this is also exciting because it signifies our expansion into Latin America, in addition to our work with companies in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia."

Ditto's goal is to change the way that organizations view data sync. Continually investing thousands of dollars in improving cellular and Wi-Fi networks and infrastructure is expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming, especially for businesses operating in remote geographies or where internet signals are blocked. Instead, Ditto can enable connectivity without network hardware or physical infrastructure and even in areas where internet is rarely available. This allows companies like Hugo to deploy solutions extremely fast, with testing to full deployment spanning less than two quarters, ensuring normal business is largely uninterrupted.

The Ditto Platform offers unified, real-time data sync for mobile, web, IoT, and server apps, even without the internet. The complete solution features an SDK with a peer-to-peer (P2P) mesh network, embedded database, and is capable of automatic conflict resolution, as well as a cloud database that can handle extreme resiliency, automatic scalability for handling unpredictable loads, and seamless integration via APIs.

Connectivity issues in stadiums and event venues across the world can hinder fans' entrance into the stadium. Ticket-scanning machines require an internet connection for authentication, and any disruption to cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity will impede the efficient entrance of tens of thousands of fans and create significant issues.

"With Ditto's unique data sync solution, we can now provide a frictionless experience to thousands of fans entering stadiums, and continue to deliver seamless service throughout sport and tourist events in areas where the internet is consistently unreachable," said Alejandro Argumedo, CEO of HugoApp. "As the world becomes more reliant on digital, we see strengthening our partnership with Ditto in the entertainment industry as a strategic decision."

Ditto's groundbreaking technology has attracted leaders across many industries, including aviation, restaurant point-of-sale, defense, emergency work, retail, hospitality and entertainment, where seamless connectivity and real-time data sharing is essential. With a growing customer roster, the company has doubled in size in the past year with plans to continue changing the way companies connect, share and store data.

About Ditto

Ditto is a cross-platform, real-time database that allows apps to sync with and without internet connectivity. By installing Ditto into applications, developers can use APIs to read and write data and automatically sync any changes to other devices. Unlike other solutions, Ditto is designed for peer-to-peer synchronization where it can directly communicate with other devices even without an internet connection. Ditto automatically manages the complexity of using multiple network transports, such as Bluetooth, P2P Wi-Fi, and Local Area Network, to find and connect to other devices and then synchronize any and all changes. With Ditto, your app will continue to operate in offline situations, and data can be shared without latency, resiliency, or security issues. All data changes are stored locally and will sync instantly when cloud or peer devices are discovered.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Ditto has secured investments from True Ventures and Amity Ventures. For more information, visit https://www.ditto.live/.

About HugoApp

Founded in 2017, Hugo is the first and only Central American super app and a leading player in 6 countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Hugo is a multi-category marketplace offering on-demand delivery for restaurants, supermarkets, and pharmacies; tools for e-commerce and digital payments; transport services; entertainment and ticketing for sporting events; capital investments for emerging startups in the region, and much more. Comprised of a team of over 800 young people who design 24 digital services for our users, HugoApp is an entrepreneurial platform whereby thousands of visionary drivers and partners come together to accelerate the digital revolution in the region.

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