December 5th, 2023

Ditto and Logipad Partner to Enable Pilots and Copilots to Collaborate without Internet Connectivity

Through its integration with Ditto, Logipad's real-time syncing capability ensures better flight crew collaboration and improved turnaround time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2023 / Ditto, creator of the edge sync platform that enables apps to synchronize data in real-time even without internet connectivity, announced today its partnership with Logipad, a leading provider of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions. Utilizing Ditto's cloud-optional technology, Logipad now supports more reliable pre-flight collaboration between pilots, copilots, and the entire flight crew, leading to improved airplane turnaround time and a smoother take-off experience.

"Collaboration, whether in the skies or on solid ground, remains essential for the aviation industry, as it provides the foundation for safe and seamless operations," said Adam Fish, CEO and co-founder of Ditto. "Our collaboration with Logipad highlights the role cloud-optional technology plays in creating reliable digital experiences, even when reliable internet connectivity isn't guaranteed."

Empowered by Ditto's Platform, Logipad's new EFB system can sync pilot devices without internet access. Their EFB automatically detects nearby pilot devices and establishes the best available connection to sync data quickly. This means that when the internet is available, EFB devices can sync via cellular or Wi-Fi, but in offline situations, Ditto will seamlessly switch to local networks such as Bluetooth Low Energy, Local Area Network, and Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi. This intelligent background synchronization enables pilots to enter critical data, from specific flight information to fuel values, on any EFB device and have it instantly update across all synced devices without manual interaction.

"From day one, we have been focused on building solutions that make pilots' jobs easier and airlines run smoother - and that includes the take-off experience," said Dirk Leese, Manager, Process Automation Practice, Logipad. "In pre-flight situations where pilot data synchronization is crucial to airplane turnaround time, Ditto's technology allows Logipad to facilitate better communication between flight crews, ground personnel, and other stakeholders, improving situational awareness and decision-making in the cockpit."

About Ditto

Ditto's Edge Sync Platform is a distributed data platform that allows apps to store, sync and process data anywhere. By installing Ditto's Small Peer SDK into applications, developers can use APIs to read and write data and automatically sync any changes to other devices. Unlike other solutions, Ditto is designed for peer-to-peer synchronization, where it can directly communicate with other devices even without an internet connection. Ditto's technology automatically manages the complexity of using multiple network transports, such as Bluetooth, P2P Wi-Fi and Local Area Network, to find and connect to other devices and then synchronize any and all changes. With the Ditto Platform, your app will continue to operate in offline situations, and data can be shared without latency, resiliency or security issues. All data changes are stored locally and will sync instantly when cloud or peer devices are discovered.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Ditto has secured investments from Acrew Capital, USIT, True Ventures and Amity Ventures. For more information, visit

About Logipad

Logipad is a leading provider of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions for the aviation industry. The company was founded with a clear mission to enhance efficiency and safety in aviation operations by delivering innovative electronic solutions to pilots and flight crews. Logipad's EFB systems are revolutionizing how flight crews access critical information and resources. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, pilots and flight attendants can access real-time data and essential documentation, reducing the need for traditional printed paper documents. Logipad is committed to optimizing communication and collaboration in the aviation industry, benefiting airlines, flight crews, and passengers alike by providing a seamless and efficient flight experience.

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