We never have to worry about internet connectivity anymore. The Ditto ecosystem solves for networking and data syncing, so our developers don’t have to.

Does this sound familiar?

Dnero sells a point-of-sale (POS) product to hospitality customers who need to reliably take orders and update information across devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and kitchen displays in real time. However, retail businesses have unpredictable and limited WiFi connectivity. Even too many devices can slow down service speeds and app performance. Dnero’s software developers were rewriting code for their POS and kitchen display system apps but struggling to conduct proper unit testing, since connectivity within each production environment is inconsistent.

“The cloud isn't reliable enough for us to solely build on top of.”

What can Dnero do with Ditto?

  • Get to market twice as fast, with 50% fewer developers.
    Ditto’s software development kit (SDK) datastore handles networking out-of-the-box with automatic data sync and mesh networking, so Dnero’s developers don’t have to build their own data replication system or write any APIs. Dnero’s developers are able to build an application and move data between devices solely using Ditto’s querying language (DQL). Able to deploy software in as little as fourteen hours, Dnero has already launched in nine countries in less than two years and requires fewer developers to build new features and release app changes. Ditto empowers Dnero to stay nimble in a crowded POS market.
“Ditto saves us hundreds of thousands of lines of code. Without Ditto, we would need to have twice as many developers.”
  • Keep end users updated in real-time without data conflicts
    Ditto’s data store powers real-time data synchronization on all Dnero’s devices across Windows, iOS, and Android. Dnero customers can continuously monitor changes to locally stored data and automatically update that information across all devices. For example, Ditto instantly recognizes changes to inventory, prices, menu items, or any other information and efficiently pushes this data to relevant devices without constant polling, ensuring team members have complete control and real-time visibility. For Dnero’s customers, such as restaurants and bars, where multiple servers use different POS devices to add food and drink to the same bill, Ditto ensures the accuracy of a single source of truth through advanced conflict resolution powered by CRDTs. This allows concurrent edits across Dnero’s tablets and handheld iPhone and Android POS devices, empowering seamless collaboration without the risk of overwriting someone else’s edits.
  • Provide superior app performance
    Since Dnero’s POS works whether customers have WiFi or not, its software performance isn’t at the mercy of customers’ local network conditions or internet service providers anymore. Ditto uses its algorithms to decide which devices to connect and which type of connectivity to use––a decentralized peer-to-peer network or a direct internet-protocol (IP) based connection. With Ditto, Dnero’s apps always prioritize the fastest connection available and upgrade to a faster connection whenever possible for optimal performance.
“Traditionally, uptime goes down as the number of devices goes up. Ditto enables you to reverse that, so your uptime increases despite having more devices and complexity.”
  • Deliver seamless employee and customer experience
    Dnero’s kitchen display system has four failovers from WiFi –– Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), local area network (LAN), Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Wi-Fi, and the cloud as a last resort –– so customers can be assured that orders will always get to the kitchen display every time. No matter how many devices Dnero’s customers use, Ditto’s connectivity ensures that Dnero’s POS system works from the front to the back of the house and throughout their customers’ outdoor seating areas. Ditto is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and more to suit any combination of POS devices that Dnero’s customers may require. 

Why does Dnero recommend Ditto?

  • Dnero developed a kitchen display system and launched it with its first customer in less than two weeks.
  • With a Ditto-enabled database and P2P mesh network, restaurant staff can seamlessly add and adjust the same customer orders simultaneously without risk of overwriting.
  • Dnero customers never have to worry about outages or disruptions to their internet connectivity.
“Ditto has made something very complex seem simple with one of the best technical support teams in the world.”

John Komarkowski, Co-founder


Dnero delivers 99.99% uptime for hospitality customers


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  • 99.99% uptime
  • Developed and launched a KDS in less than two weeks
  • Reduced development costs by 50%