Many Ways of Connecting

Increase Team Efficiency

Communicate with coworkers in real-time

Increase Ancillary Revenue

Real-time coordination in a fast paced environment is the key to delivering quick and efficient service

Offline Capabilities

Always read the most up to date versions of your database, even when offline

Dining in with Ditto

Simple Concept


Customer Arrives and Scans Provided QR Code

Scanning the QR code will instantly connect the customer to a waiter's iPad


iPad syncs Live Menu to Customer

The customer can then order from their smartphone, which will automatically sync back with the waiter


Orders and Live Menus are Synced Across Employee iPads

If an iPad dies, or if a waiter switches customers, every iPad has access to all customer information to ensure a customer's order is completed

Orders canAlways be Fulfilled

With or without internet, devices stay connected
Big Peer Small Peer

Embedded Database in Every Peer

Ditto automatically chooses the best transport to sync data from point to point. In the event a device cannot reach the big peer, they will fallback to local peer-to-peer communication.

Automatic Local Fallback

Reduce Reliance on Internet

In the event of an outage, the Ditto platform ensures small peers will automatically fall back to the most efficient mode of transport.

Preservation of Data

Our offline cache ensures that data is preserved and any conflicts can easily be resolved with the big peer when an internet connection is restored.

Synchronized Mini-Servers

Ditto patented tech

Employee Mini-servers have bidirectional sync on private LAN

Customers will only sync with POS system through the secure bridge