Hotel Contactless Check-in

Reduce use of shared surfaces by allowing customers to check-in directly from their personal devices using Ditto Bluetooth Low Energy
Hotel Check in
  • Improve brand loyalty by encouraging customers to use your company application
  • Reduce unsafe crowding in lobby around reception desk
  • Decrease waiting time for guests to get checked in, creating an improved experience for the guest
  • Save money by reducing the need for multiple employees working as reception attendants

Guest to Front Desk Chat

Easily handle guest issues with guest to front desk chat. No server or even Wi-Fi neccessary.
Set up one or more Local Area Networks (LAN) to connect devices and sync data without need for guest connection to Wi-Fi
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Share Covid Questionnaire Information Safely

Fill out and share information quickly and directly from a personal device, no server or internet needed

Connections can be made to a computer, or, scan a QR code to connect directly to an iPad, removing the need for a server or local area network.

This removes unsafe sharing and exchanging of clipboards, paper, pens, etc. And, companies will not have to sanitize these items after each use because customers will be using their own personal device.