HotelContactless Check-in

Allow customers to check-in directly from their personal devices

  • Improve brand loyalty by encouraging customers to use hotel applications
  • Reduce crowding in lobby around reception
  • Decrease waiting time for guests to get checked in, creating an improved experience for the guest
Hotel Check in

Customers HateSlow LoadingCheck-In

Low Cell Connection

Customers often cannot check in if their reservation will not load

Loss of Data

Customers are less likely to utilize hotel applications which can provide useful customer data

With Ditto, Check-In isSmoother


Reservation information can be stored offline allowing customers to sync instantly, no wait.

More Secure

Only devices with common certificates can directly communicate and translate each others’ encrypted data packets.

customer iphone
Guest to Front Desk Chat

Guest to Front Desk Chat

No Internet Needed

Easily handle guest issues with guest to front desk chat. No server or even Wi-Fi neccessary.

Simple Set Up

Set up one or more Local Area Networks (LAN) to connect devices and sync data without need for guest connection to Wi-Fi

Simplify Information Sharing

Reduce Reliance on Internet

Connections can be made to a computer, or, scan a QR code to connect directly to an iPad, removing the need for a server or local area network.

Reduce Costs

When customers use their personal devices, wasteful use of paper and pens is reduced greatly.