Outages Cause Inefficiency

Overreliance on an internet connection is dangerous

When your POS system goes offline:

  • Inventory levels cannot be synced between terminals
  • Mobile orders cannot be made
  • Credit cards cannot be pre-authorized
  • Some payment methods will not be available

Customer Frustration Leads to Loss of Sales

Longer wait times, inability to use loyalty points, and difficulty with payments may lead to customers opting to take their business elsewhere

Point of Sale System Offline Sync

Point of Sale systems work great until network downtime leaves your business unable to fulfill orders and make sales. See how Ditto can help your POS system run offline, ensuring your service stays uninterrupted.

Point of Sale Ordering

With Ditto, connections are made without need for cellular of Wi-Fi connection, and without any reliance on a server.
Reduce the use of shared surfaces by encouraging customers to use their personal mobile device when ordering.

Point of Sale Kiosks

Easy Contactless Ordering

Customers can connect directly from their personal devices

Safer, Faster Options

Kiosks can be utilized to give customers a faster way to order both dine-in and dine-out

Customers Hate Slow Loading Loyalty Apps

Low Cell Connection

Customers often give up on loyalty benefits if the app needs to load for more than a few seconds

Loss of Data

Inability to pay through the app or not syncing loyalty means losing out on important customer data

With Ditto, Loyalty Apps Work Better

customer iphone


Loyalty information can be stored offline allowing customers to sync instantly, avoiding annoying loading screens



Only devices with common certificates can directly communicate and translate each others’ encrypted data packets.

POS system

Terminals Can't Sync While Offline

Without syncing, the probability of costly errors is increased.

Data such as stock levels will be inconsistent across terminals.

Internet is the Single Point of Failure

Ditto is the solution

During an internet outage, POS systems and other devices will fall back to a peer-to-peer network.

Offline database will still sync over multiple terminals ensuring payments, orders, and stock levels are consistent.

Employee Device Sync

Synchronize orders and inventory seamlessly with multi-hop sync when workers are far from the restaurant POS system or using cellular data.

Curbside Pickup

Safely and Efficiently handle to-go orders
mobile order

Ditto enables customers to wait a safe distance away while being informed of:

  • Order Status
  • Alerts from Store Staff
  • When it is Safe to approach