Sync Critical Data in the Face of Connectivity Challenges

Mobile apps are now the cornerstone of digital transformation in healthcare. When faced with internet issues, Ditto can help with

  • Automatic Fallback and Reconnection
  • Offline Telemetry
  • Asset Tracking
  • Information Exchange
Doctors Syncing Data

Hospital Tech thatSyncs Without Internet

Sync patient vitals even during an outage
Medical iPad

Wearables automatically fall back to nearby devices if the hospital server or network become unavailable, ensuring data is preserved


Medical IoT sensors directly connect to staff

Hospital Wearable

Critical Event Notifications

Monitor Critical Patients During an Outage

Even if connection to the cloud big peer is interrupted, small peers such as patient monitoring devices will automatically fall back to local transports.

Seamless Fallback andReconnection

The Ditto platform runs on mobile, IoT, web, and cloud
Big Peer Small Peer
Automatic Data Upload and Merge Upon Reconnection

Ditto automatically chooses the best transport to sync data from point to point. In the event a device cannot reach the big peer, small peers can still communicate and exchange data. When connection is restored, Ditto's conflict resolution will ensure all patient, doctor, and IoT data is preserved correctly.

Offline Asset Tracking

Keep track of assets even during an outage
rasberry Pi

Stay on top of hospital personnel, movable assets, and connected tech devices


Track assets over local networks when internet isn't available

Hospital Computer

Securely Transfer Protected Health Information

Save on Expensive Hardware

Installing servers or extra hardware can costly and time-consuming. With Ditto, patient personal devices connect directly to hospital iPads

Simplify your Data Transfer

Staff iPads act as mobile "mini-servers" facilitating a HIPAA compliant, fully offline, and secure transfer of information

secure PHI transfer