Factory Internet of Things Offline Sync

Ensure that critical IoT data is preserved and synced in the event of an outage
Factory and Industrial IoT enable manufacturers to detect critical data that might lead to issues and more efficiently allocate resources, but what happens during an outage?
IoT Fallback Diagram
With Ditto, connections to IoT are made over offline local networks as well as online networks. During an outage, IoT devices, factory computers, and worker smartphones will automatically fall back to our local peer-to-peer network to ensure data is preserved and synced.

IoT That Always Collects Data

The Ditto Platform has full functionality, even when offline
Big Peer Small Peer
Automatic Peer to Peer Fallback

Ditto automatically chooses the best transport to sync data from point to point. In the event a device cannot reach the big peer, small peers can still communicate and exchange data. When connection is restored, Ditto's conflict resolution will ensure all sensor and IoT data is preserved correctly.

Analyze and Control IoT Devices Without the Internet

Offline Factory Management
When the internet goes down, crucial analytics data needed to avoid factory errors won't be accessible. However, when IoT is embedded with Ditto, sensor data can be collected while offline, ensuring factory management can run smoothly.
Ensure managers can always have acccess to the data they need to make critical decisions
Offline Sensor Analytics

Factories Can Save Money with Ditto Multi-Hop Sync

Save on hardware and data charges
Retrofitting a LTE-compatible IoT sensor to every factory machine is expensive, especially when you factor in data charges as well.
Multi-Hop Saves Money
With Ditto Multi-Hop Sync, machine data can transport (or hop) from machine to machine until it reaches the LTE-compatible one. Then, sensor data can be uploaded all at once.