Passenger Meal Order

No Additional Hardware

Ditto enables iOS and Android devices to talk directly to Flight Attendant apps without paid internet or additional hardware.

Passenger Orders Meal From Mobile App

With Ditto, the airline app can display in real time, menus and order information


Cabin Crew Recieves Order and Confirms

Recieve payment, seat, and passenger order information


Cabin Crew Member Delivers Meal

Passengers can easily and safely recieve their orders

E-Order 3D Demonstration

Here you can see Ditto's peer to peer contactless sync in the cabin facilitate passenger contactless meal order, but it also works for chat between attendants and much more! This works without ANY hardware, and it even in a web browser.

Social Distance Cabin Service

Social distancing means cabin crew can no longer lean close to passenger’s face to ask for service

Cabin Crew and Passengers should maintain social distance for tasks like:

  • Meal Order
  • Entertainment
  • Request Service

Touchless Onboard

Maintain hygiene by encouraging passengers to use their personal devices

Discourage meal menus and seatback touch
Encourage personal devices for IFE and use Ditto for cabin crew service

Ditto Simple Installation

Into the cabin crew and passenger mobile app, and the InFlight web app

In Airplanes with Wireless Access Points

Cabin Crew can Sync with Cabin Crew
Passengers will sync only with cabin crew through the secure bridge.
No purchase of Internet Connection is neccessary for this process to work

In Airplanes without Wireless Access Points

If a wireless access point is not available, Ditto will seamlessly fall back to using Bluetooth Low Energy and or P2P WiFi Direct.

No pairing is required