Streamline Cabin Crew Operations

Crew collaboration in real time, even without the internet

Embed Ditto into your cabin crew applications for iOS or Android and watch them instantly sync mission critical data.

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Multi-Hop from Big Peer to Small Peer

The Ditto Platform runs seamlessly on Mobile, Web, IoT, and Cloud
Aviation Peers

Embedded Database in Every Peer

Ditto automatically chooses the best transport to sync data from point to point. In the event a device cannot reach the server, they will fallback to peer-to-peer communication.

Chat Between Galleys

Increase productivity with real-time communication

Allow Cabin Crew to coordinate without hassle

Flight attendants can communicate and delegate work within the flight, without running back and forth between galleys


Embeddable Chat Component

Ditto's chat component can be embedded within existing apps all with auditing information


Chat Demo Video and App

Demonstration of Ditto powering offline chat

Or download and try it on your own devices!

Cabin Crew Voice Chat

Allow crew to coordinate with voice

Ditto’s Chat Component can be embedded within existing apps all with auditing information

Increase Ancillary Revenue

Real time coordination in a fast paced cabin is key to delivering service fast.

Reduce Operational Friction

Instead of having crew run back and forth between galleys, they can now sync from their galleys.


Organize your work anywhere

Ditto will synchronize all sales, crew, and passenger data in real-time ensuring consistency, merging with the cloud when internet is available

In Flight Sales

Customer Service

Inventory Management

Tasks & Defects

Inventory Demo Video and App

Demonstration of Ditto inside an app

digital tasks

Synchronize tasks from the cockpit and throughout the cabin

Cabin crew and pilots will fall back to peer-to-peer when they go through areas without internet. Ensure data is always consistent with automatic conflict resolution upon reconnection.

Cabin Sync With Cloud

When connection is available sync to the cloud

Connectivity can be intermittent, but when crew devices regain cloud connection, their devices will sync all offline changes to backend systems.

In-Flight Checklist

Ditto powers collaboration apps

Or download and try it on your own devices!