Cocoa SDK Releases

iOS 12.0 and higher
Versions and Release Notes

SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.4.0-alpha1
Release Description
  • Note that this is a release with breaking changes, even just in terms of clients running 0.4.0 not being able to communicate with clients running 0.3.X releases.
  • Fixes for memory leaks.
  • Performance improvements.
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.4.0-alpha1"
API Reference 0.4.0-alpha1API Reference for Swift 0.4.0-alpha1
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.3.5
Release Description
  • Fixed an issue where inserting data as default data (setting the isDefault parameter to true) could lead to data that would not merge as expected.
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.3.5"
API Reference 0.3.5API Reference for Swift 0.3.5
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.3.4
Release Description
  • Fixed a bug with query compilation where integer literals in the query would lead to a query compilation failure.
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.3.4"
API Reference 0.3.4API Reference for Swift 0.3.4
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.3.3
Release Description
  • Improved LAN background sync for iOS apps
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.3.3"
API Reference 0.3.3API Reference for Swift 0.3.3
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.3.2
Release Description
  • Fixes a memory leak in the Cocoa SDK when using findByID() to query documents.
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.3.2"
API Reference 0.3.2API Reference for Swift 0.3.2
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.3.1
Release Description
  • Added a new LAN transport mode WiFiFixedPort to listen for connections on a known port.
  • DittoKit has a new sdkVersion property describing which build of DittoKit is installed. Please include this information in support requests.
  • Fixed bug where an attachment transfer may not resume after being interrupted.
  • Fixed bug where a long-lasting Bluetooth connection may spontaneously disconnect and reconnect.
  • Improvements to reconnection speed.
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.3.1"
API Reference 0.3.1API Reference for Swift 0.3.1
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.3.0
Release Description
  • DittoKit 0.3 includes incompatible changes to data storage and networking - please uninstall all apps based on DittoKit 0.2 first
  • The CocoaPod “DittoKit” is now Objective-C. The Swift version is published as “DittoKitSwift”. To continue working with Ditto in Swift, update your Podfile and import statement
  • Support for attaching large binary files to documents and syncing them on demand
  • Many SDK functions no longer throw exceptions and the “try” operator is no longer needed
  • When creating documents you can no longer specify the id by providing an _id key. Instead you must specify an id as an extra argument to the insert function, if you want to explicitly set a document’s id
  • A document’s id property is now id rather than _id
  • The parameters for a live query callback have changed
  • The sort order for a query is now controlled by an ascending/descending enum
  • Faster sync performance
  • Ability to connect to a peer at a known address using the Server transport type
  • You can set your Ditto license key by configuring “DittoAccessLicense” in Info.plist
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.3.0"
API Reference 0.3.0API Reference for Swift 0.3.0
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.2.2
Release Description
  • Faster Bluetooth sync between iOS devices when reopening app from background
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.2.2"
API Reference 0.2.2
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.2.1
Release Description
  • Fixes a crash that can occur when calling stop().
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.2.1"
API Reference 0.2.1
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.2.0
Release Description
  • iOS: New function observePeers() to monitor connections to other Ditto devices
  • Improved query results performance
  • Fixed two bugs that could lead to a crash
  • Many networking improvements to speed up sync on iOS and Android

Note: SyncKit 0.2 is incompatible with version 0.1.

        pod "DittoKit", "=0.2.0"
API Reference 0.2.0
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.1.9
Release Description
  • Fixed Bluetooth LE issue specific to older iOS devices (iPhone 6, iPad Mini 4) where sync can fail after the device is locked
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.1.9"
API Reference 0.1.9
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.1.8
Release Description
  • Fixed Bluetooth Low Energy issue on iOS where sync may never complete, particularly with multiple devices
  • Cocoa SDK detects when WiFi is disabled
  • Significant performance improvements in synchronization processing
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.1.8"
API Reference 0.1.8
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.1.7
Release Description
  • Various Bluetooth Low Energy related fixes to make Bluetooth-based communication more reliable.
  • Accessing a collection using the collection function on DittoStore is no longer a throwing call and the name parameter has been removed.
  • Accessing a collection can now be done by using a subscript on DittoStore, e.g. store["my-collection"].
  • Live query and transport condition updates are now delivered on the main queue by default. You can specify different queues to be used if required.
  • Adds queriesHash and queriesHashMnemonic to DittoStore, which allow you to get either a numberc hash or string-based mnemonic representation of a client's state in relation to the specified queries.
  • Fixes a DittoDocument-related memory leak.
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.1.7"
API Reference 0.1.7
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.1.6
Release Description
  • The full SDK API is now usable from Objective-C. Some classes that couldn't be represented in Objective-C have counterparts with an ObjC suffix
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.1.6"
API Reference 0.1.6
SDK: Cocoa
Version: 0.1.5
Release Description
  • Improved handling of retrieving numeric fields from documents
  • mDNS/AWDL now correctly filters remote peers by app name
  • Single document update operation closures now have the document as an optional parameter
        pod "DittoKit", "=0.1.5"
API Reference 0.1.5