Sync mobile, web, and IoT apps
Even without the internet

SyncKit DataStore

Synchronize objects and files using SyncKit's DataStore

An easy to use API

Inside each installation of Ditto SyncKit, is a distributed database. The database is completely peer to peer. Data can be read online and offline. Conflicts are all automatically resolved.

  • Offline-First Support
  • Automatic Conflict Resolution
  • Support for binary file sync
Reactive Live Queries

With SyncKit, program your applications to sync only what you need. Use Ditto's query language and call the observemethod to sync objects that your device is interested in.

Multiple Network Transports

Synchronize objects and files using SyncKit's DataStore

Bluetooth Low Energy

Most devices will have a Bluetooth chip. However, Ditto does not use Bluetooth Classic. Bluetooth Classic is best known for pairing with audio earbuds or headphones. Instead Ditto uses Bluetooth Low Energy to maximize distance and minimize battery consumption.

  • Does not require pairing
  • Modern Devices - 120 meters max distance
  • Older Devices - 80 meters max distance
  • Best for syncing structured data or small binary files
Peer to Peer WiFi

Peer to Peer WiFi technologies are lesser known than Bluetooth Low Energy. This technology leverages the existing WiFi chips on you device to make direct connections with each other.

  • Does not require pairing or connecting to WiFi network
  • Apple Devices - 20 meters max distance
  • Android and Windows Devices - 80 meters max distance
  • Supports Android P2P WiFi Direct and Android Nearby
  • Extremely fast for transferring very large files.
WiFi Peer to Peer
Wireless Access Points

If devices are able to discover each other through the same Wireless Access Point (WAN) or Local Access Network (LAN). So long as the configuration allows devices to discover each other, the synchronization will be seamless.

  • Does not require pairing or any permissions alerts.
  • Works even if internet connectivity fails or is
  • Do check that isolation mode is turned off
  • Extremely fast for transferring very large files.
WiFi Access Point

SyncKit Bus

Coming Soon

Emit and send binary data for extremely low latency use cases

Extreme performance for realtime features

SyncKit Bus is a UDP-like pub sub API that gives you the control to send data from device to device as fast as possible.

  • Perfect for realtime whiteboarding, interactive features, and multiplayer gaming
  • Send any arbitrary binary data with built-in encryption
  • UDP-like socket API for low level control