Max Alexander

Browser Support

Ditto for web browsers uses the same code as all other Ditto products. This means that it is not a handwritten port of the mobile, IoT, or server versions. While developers can enjoy working with Ditto with TypeScript or JavaScript, the core is running WebAssembly. WebAssembly is a technology widely supported by modern browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more. Older browsers like Internet Explorer or Safari on iOS 10 or earlier will not be able to run Ditto.

WebAssembly (Required)

Ditto for web browsers was compiled with WebAssembly technologies. WebAssembly is a high performance, assembly-inspired binary format that

Check browser compatibility list for WebAssembly

For an alternative compatibility reference check here.

IndexedDB for Offline Caching (Optional)

If your application requires caching data even when the user closes their browser tab or window, then IndexedDB is required. While IndexedDB has wide support, certain browsers limit the size of IndexedDB depending on the browser and how much available storage is left on the user's device.

You can run the following command to estimate the size during runtime to get an estimate. Note that the itself is not always available on every browser.

if ( { => {
    console.log(`Estimated Quota ${esimate.quota}`)
    console.log(`Estimated Usage ${esimate.usage}`)