Entertprise Sales Engineer

What we are looking for

Ditto SyncKit is a cross-platform development kit that targets mobile, web, IoT, and server use cases. This means that it will work in several programming languages. This role requires a general knowledge of app development with a heavy emphasis on web and mobile platforms. Competent knowledge of JavaScript, Swift, Java, and/or C# (at least one) is critical for this role. While we use other languages, we believe that at least proficient knowledge in one of the listed languages will allow you to learn our other offerings in C#, Rust, C++, Objective-C, etc. quickly while on the job.

Due to COVID-19, we're seeing an increase in companies looking to implement contactless solutions with our SyncKit product. We're looking for an enterprise sales engineer that will help our Fortune 500 clients with implementation. We typically close 6-7 figure deals in 6-8 months with large Fortune 500 companies. Our sales cycles are complex and involve many stakeholders. Your job be to align technical stakeholders and address all their questions and concerns. After successful sales, you'll assist in customer success to ensure they have a successful deployment. You'll empower every type of company, from airlines, supply and logistics companies, to retailers and fast-growing startups.

Our current customers are high profile companies and traditionally needed face to face meetings to fully understand our product and facilitate sales. Now, almost all of this has moved to video conference calls. Since many of our customers and clients are from around the world, you may need to jump on calls that are more aligned with your client's time zone than your own.


  • Coordinate strategic enterprise customers and new logo enterprise targets to create opportunities, close deals, and expand relationships
  • Develop partnerships with 3rd party IT consulting companies to help them build PoCs to win over key business stakeholders
  • Create, share, and present product demos and PowerPoint presentations with clients
  • Conduct customer discovery calls with Ditto's SyncKit product. You'll need to perform product demos and thought-leadership events to existing and prospective customers
  • Maintain an extremely close relationship with our customer success team to make sure customers are happy and want to renew
  • Work with our product managers, engineers, and account executives to develop and create strategic plans
  • Help close deals in new sales opportunities and ensure that they renew
  • Meet activity, pipeline, and revenue targets
  • Utilize a solution approach to selling and creating value for customers
  • Work closely with our product marketing team to create new, sought after solutions and marketing material to further expand our pipeline


  • Experience in development with Swift, Java, C#, and/or JavaScript. At a minimum one of these programming languages.
  • 3+ years of enterprise SaaS, database, or embedded IoT software sales engineer
  • Experience working on a sales cycle with other account executives for 6-7 figure accounts within 3 fiscal quarters
  • Experience working with teams in aviation, cruise lines, warehouse & logistic companies, and or large Fortune 500 companies
  • Ability to build champions and get to the attention of C-level execs and mid-level IT managers
  • Successful track record of being a top performer
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Additional skills include: Salesforce, Excel, PowerPoint, Word

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