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Logo - Illustrator FileLogo Over Dark - Illustrator File(Logo Over Dark is a white logo, it might show up like nothing, but it's there. It's just white)


Connection LAN

Local Area Network Connections. This is used for both Wi-Fi Infrastructure or Ethernet connections.

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Connection BLE

Used for Bluetooth Low Energy connection. This is both for GATT, Central, Peripheral, and L2CAP references.

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Connection P2P Wi-Fi

Colors for Wi-Fi Aware, Apple Wireless Direct (AWDL), and P2P Wi-Fi Direct. We don't make a distinction right now.

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Connection Cloud or WebSockets

Used for traditional internet connection. Mostly to refer to a cloud connection.

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Connection USB

Serial Bus or Universal Serial Bus Connections

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Used for most presentational typography

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Used primarily for code

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